my dad had a heart and soul strike 6weeks ago,what sport can i get him to do to enhance his health?

Issue by rose_louise: my dad experienced a heart and soul assault 6weeks back,what sport can i get him to do to improve his overall health?
my dad experienced a soul attck a handful of weeks back due to the fact he ate badly and did minor exercising I am desperatly trying to get him in shape and heathly once again. He used to go on prolonged walks every day but if he trys everything to substantial effect like soccer/soccer or jogging he get breathless in minutes. is there any activity that i could get him into carefully? i was thinkning swimming but i dont know if thats good or not? x

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Reply by drkgules
swimming is a undesirable notion simply because if he loses breath, hes in the water and could drown. consider heading on slow walks with him, but make certain to go with him to make confident hes alright. as he will start acquiring far better, consider jogging, etc. great luck!

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